The Purkinje-HM solution

The nervous system of your healthcare institution

A true healthcare ERP, Purkinje-Hospital Manager supports regional healthcare clinical processes in a single database. Our comprehensive, modular solution was developed using the most advanced digital and cloud-based technologies, and is a modern response to the healthcare sector’s organizational issues and strategic challenges.

We have a patient centric vision and patient care is at the very heart of information and the quality of services provided. We also believe that the clinical and administrative aspects to healthcare can be elevated to help you carry out your mission for patients.

A state-of-the-art multi-solution

Multidisciplinary. Purkinje-HM brings together all the clinical, administrative and other professionals around a single digitalized clinical record.

Multi-mission. Purkinje-HM provides a wide spectrum of features dedicated to each specialty and each mission.

Multi-facility. Purkinje-HM brings together all the facilities within a single data repository for an integrated patient journey.

Multi-system. Purkinje-HM can handle all clinical processes. It is scalable, and integrates with existing systems and modules during installation.

Schéma DCI Purkinje-HM

Proven effectiveness


patient records


digitalized beds


transactions per day





TB of data

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Médecins, infirmiers et professionnels de la santé dans le corridor d'un hôpital

More time for care.

Clerical work is significantly reduced, especially in terms of data collection and redundant entry.

More collaboration.

Clinical efficiency is significantly increased thanks to seamless continuity of care between clinicians, and facilities. This results in improved team performance whereby everyone actively contributes.

Professionnels de la santé dans un hôpital
Médecin au bloc opératoire devant des appareils de monitoring

More quality in care.

Data is standardized, digitalized, and grouped. There are better standardized care protocols, without information redundancy, for improved overall practices.

More productivity.

It provides real-time, easily-accessible, patient centric information whereby each professional, even including the patient, contributes to better business intelligence. This results in increased productivity, which ultimately leads to a reduction in waitlists and hospitalization time.

Professionnels de la santé dans un contexte médical
Personnel médical et administration en discussion autour d'un dossier dans un hôpital

More real-time indicators.

Dashboards, performance indicators and real-time population health data facilitate the communication of information across the organization and optimize evidence-based decision making. Our solution has leading analytical power to continuously improve business processes.

Schéma personne Dossier Patient Électronique Purkinje
Purkinje Electronic Health Record (EHR Purkinje)

Information captured
for all stakeholders

The Purkinje Dossier helps a regional healthcare organization level or an establishment to integrate all the patients’ clinical information into a single database so it can be consulted from a single computer interface. This makes it possible to simultaneously access complete patient records from all of the organization’s service points. Purkinje Dossier also provides archive management functions, including completion and disclosure of the patient file to authorized external bodies.

Enovacom Patient Connect

Connected biomedical data. Centralized. Secure.

A 100% biomedical device interoperability software solution that captures all device data at the patient’s bedside to integrate it, in real time, into the digital patient record. The application guarantees a high level of identification and a reliable association between the patient and the equipment, without additional hardware.

Multiple advantages

A single exchange platform and centralized information collection for the entire healthcare facility.

Real-time monitoring and management of risks and errors related to patient identification.

Equipment-care records interoperability and compatibility with devices from most manufacturers.

Optimal device management. In particular, the location of your biomedical devices and the traceability of the equipment’s rate of use.

Machine de monitoring des patients DRÄGER Perseus A500
Schéma engin pour échange de données électroniques (EDI) et intégration d'applications d'entreprise (EAI)
Schéma engin pour échange de données électroniques (EDI) et intégration d'applications d'entreprise (EAI)
Enovacom integration engine (ESV2)

Double data exchange. Double efficiency.

Enovacom Integration Engine is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESV) web application that serves the dual role of electronic data interchange (EDI) and enterprise application integration (EAI).

The platform automatically and securely enables your organization to manage data exchange within your health information system (HIS) and with other external partners.

Simple. Easy. Effective.

A single tool for the healthcare facility and partner healthcare organizations. Centralized data for everyone and in accordance with healthcare standards (EAI/ESB).

Quick interface configuration by your teams without requiring programming expertise. It’s a 100% web application.

Full traceability via an activity monitoring environment.

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