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Our purpose.

We leverage our expertise and advanced technologies to help healthcare professionals provide better care, via centralized, real-time clinical information.

We’re a team of multidisciplinary specialists who invest our energy into developing and implementing IT solutions designed to improve your business intelligence, on all levels. Healthcare professionals can provide care and comfort with the most accurate and relevant information possible.

We are Purkinje.

Located in Montreal, Groupe Purkinje is a 100% Canadian based company specializing in the development and integration of software solutions for the healthcare sector. Our keen understanding of the clinical world and our technological know-how have made Purkinje the benchmark for healthcare establishments in Québec and Canada.

For more than 40 years, thousands of healthcare professionals have trusted Purkinje to improve the flow of clinical information, to optimize their processes and to provide a better care experience for their patients.

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Our clients. Our reach.

For healthcare establishments, our solutions operate like true healthcare ERPs by optimizing the interoperability of the various systems required for the patient journey. Among our clients are health organizations in Québec and Canada of various sizes and missions, in particular:

For healthcare professionals, we provide medical billing solutions and services. More than 10,000 professionals in Québec benefit from our services and advice via our Facturation.net solution and other branches.

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The Purkinje cell is our inspiration.

The word Purkinje refers to cells located in the cerebellum of the human nervous system. These are true neurological hubs, which act as message transmission centres throughout the human body. These cells were discovered by Johannes Purkinje in 1837, and our solutions ensure connectivity between the various components of your IT application ecosystem while increasing their potential.